It is becoming more evident that large-animal models can provide unique opportunities for biomedical research. Sheep and goats are docile in nature and large in size, which facilitates surgical manipulation, and their physiology is similar to that of humans. As a result, for decades they have been chosen for several models and continue to be used to study an ever-increasing array of applications.

GLPigs has both the facility and the expertise needed for using sheep and goat research models in various medical disciplines such as: orthopedics, cardiovascular surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry (including implants), ophthalmology, nephrology and respiratory surgery.

The herd facility is located within a 5-km distance from GLPigs, and is monitored daily by the institutional veterinarian. The Sheep & Goats Facility is also accredited by ISRAC as working in compliance with OECD-GLP principles. Our professional team has many years experience and expertise in the field of orthopedics and cardiovascular studies in sheep and goats