GLPigs has vast cardiovascular experience in the fields of catheterization and surgery, combined with state-of-the-art imaging (fluoroscopy, US, CT, MRI etc), auxiliary equipment (CPB, power injector, monitoring etc) and proficient staff. These capabilities enable us to offer custom-made, individualized models for each trial and place GLPigs as the leading preclinical cardiovascular research center in Israel.

Surgery – Thoracic approaches including partial and full sternotomy, thoracotomy, thoracoscopy, and minimally invasive thoracotomy.

Catheterization – Arterial and venous catheterization (percutaneous Seldinger technique / arteriotomy / venotomy). Cranial access (subclavian artery / precaval vein), caudal access (femoral artery and vein) or if needed, direct access to the aorta or the vena cava. Catheterization of peripheral blood vessels / coronary arteries.

Cardiac Models – Valve repair and replacement (transapical, transatrial or transseptal); hemodynamic trials; myocardial infarct (MI): balloon, coil, beads, fibrin, alcohol and surgery; drugs.

Peripheral Models – Hemodynamic trials, arteriovenous fistulas, shunts, vascular clips, vascular control, bleeding devices, and more.

High level Imaging – GLPigs is the leading preclinical imaging research center in Israel – MRI (Siemens), CT (Philips 256), Ultrasound (Acuson x-700 by Siemens), X-ray Fluoroscopy (Siemens CIOS ALPHA + OEC 9800 By GE).